ROTUNDA Studio Systems
for automotive photography

ROTUNDA Studio 360 and ROTUNDA Studio 360 D.
For automated, automotive photography.

How it works

Three automated and standardized steps to sales success.
Photograph. Process. Publish.

The ROTUNDA Three-Step System

Automated processing
Delivery for publishing online
Simple, fast, effective

ROTUNDA Studio 360

ROTUNDA Studio 360 D

Simple, fast, effective

Exterior and interior photography of vehicles along with processing
and availability for use in just a few minutes.

The Studio Systems

ROTUNDA Studio 360 and ROTUNDA Studio D create fully automatic, high-quality exterior and interior photographs from small cars to vans within minutes. The images are immediately processed and made available via the connected PrismaBox software.

ROTUNDA Studio 360

ROTUNDA Studio 360 D

Rotunda Studio 360

360-degree studio – Complete studio
Round studio with turntable
for 360° photography
  • Large round cabin, up to 5 m high
  • Even LED lighting in professional quality
  • Turntable with a load capacity of up to 3.5 t
  • Photograph from various, freely configurable angles
  • High throughput (every four minutes)
  • 360° Panorama Kit and Workstation for interior shots
  • Incl. PrismaBox photo processing software
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Rotunda Studio 360 D

Drive-through cabin – Complete studio
Drive-through photobooth for a 60-second throughput
  • Large drive-through cabin for high throughput rates
  • Variable dimensions of 6 - 8 m wide and 12 - 16 m long
  • Even LED lighting in professional quality
  • Make photographs with four mounted cameras
  • High throughput every five minutes
  • 360° Panorama Kit and Workstation for interior shots
  • Incl. PrismaBox photo processing software
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The Interior

With the ROTUNDA automotive photography studio systems, there are three options available when it comes to photographing the interior.
360° Panorama Kit
for all-round interior views
For interior photography the 360° Panorama Kit can be used in addition or alternatively to the Workstation.
  • High resolution panoramas
  • Easy camera positioning
  • Precision panoramic head
  • Fully automatic image capturing process and data transfer
  • Automatic creation of panoramas via software
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with manual operation
The manual workstation is a camera with joystick control and monitor for comparing on a mobile horizontal boom.
  • Easy to move in and position
  • Direct storage of images for reference
  • Precise joystick control
  • More freedom to design means being able to select the best picture detail
  • Fast and efficient with more individual freedom
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that’s out of hand
High-end, brand-name equipment connected directly via interface to the Komola photo processing software.
  • Camera equipment optimized for customer specifications
  • Interface to the Komola software suite
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Absolute control

Flexible, individually configurable, automated and fast – this is PrismaBox by Komola.

Software shaped to your needs

Photo processing and provision of data with PrismaBox by Komola.
For a smooth, automated workflow.
With PrismaBox by Komola you have total control over your data at all times.
  • Maximum flexibility and simultaneous automation of all processing steps
  • Easy operation throughout the entire process
  • Individual configuration of customer-specific profiles
  • Pre-configuration of different thumbnails and original photos allowing operator full image control
  • Individual frames captured with the 360° panorama kit are stitched and composited by the software
  • Automatic upload after completion. Finished picture galleries are available immediately
  • Remote maintenance via Internet for service and updates
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Product Video

This 10-minute video shows all the important steps – from photography to the preparation and provision of the image data for publishing. The video is rounded off by testimonials from satisfied customers.

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The Cross-media Story

A detailed, chronological history of the entire process brought to you by our partners at Mehrblick Film. The individual steps are clearly explained in short video tutorials and texts.

As individual and flexible as your tasks

Each system is specifically designed and executed to meet the individual needs of our customers.
Planning, installation, employee training and follow-up service all from a single source.

The Advantages

Here you will find a quick and clear summary of the most important benefits and services the ROTUNDA Studio Systems have to offer when it comes to vehicle photography. To find out more, just move your mouse over the images.

Fast and effective

Fast and effective

Exterior and interior shots every five minutes. Up to 50+ vehicles per day.

Easy to use without prior knowledge

Easy to use without prior knowledge

After setting up and activating, we also provide your team with instruction. No prior knowledge is required.

Professional studio quality

Professional studio quality

Even illumination and high-end camera equipment guarantee professional quality for your exterior and interior shots.

Everything from one source

Everything from one source

From planning and installation to instruction and service, Bacht offers you a competent and individual all-round service.

Tailored to individual needs

Tailored to individual needs

ROTUNDA systems are individually configurable and customizable for virtually any need – and with maximum automation and standardization at the same time.

On-site and telephone support

On-site and telephone support

We are here for you. Even when you’ve completed your project, we continue to support you with competent service. By phone and on site.
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